About Meridian Management

Meridian Management Corporation (MMC) is a locally owned fee-management company that specializes property management services for apartment properties, office buildings, condominiums and homeowners associations, retail centers, and corporate facilities for clients who chose to hire a professional service company to manage their properties. Meridian is a full service company that performs typical tasks of a management company such as collecting revenues, paying invoices, preparing financial statements and budgets, maintaining properties to the client’s specifications, and is capable of meeting any other needs that the client might have. We believe that creating strong relationships with our clients and really customizing our services to those needs is the best way to go about this type of business.

MMC utilizes the latest in technologies and this in turn has really changed the way we do business for the better. In today’s ever changing world of working to make properties more energy efficient and sustainable, Meridian Management is working hard to do its part. As of today the company is working hard to develop an electronic filing system to help eliminate the amount of paper waste our company produces. Other ways we are striving to reach these goals is through dealing with vendors who believe in these same “green” principles and strive to do business in a more environmentally friendly way.

Most of Meridians growth can be attributed to referrals from current clients who know how we conduct our business and believe Meridian Management could help another property owner as we have helped them. We are firm believers in smart growth, and work hard to add a few clients each year. We believe this is a responsible way of doing business for both our existing clients as well as our future clients. Meridian was founded on the principles of creating strong relationships with our clients and working to meet their needs. By growing in a responsible way, this allows us to maintain our high level of customer service and foster those relationships that we have worked hard to create.

Although we are brokers, we do not broker properties, develop new properties or stray from our core business of managing our client’s properties. We do not have in-house, for profit service departments performing services such as landscaping, roofing, or pool maintenance. We believe in maintaining truly arms length relationships with vendors who perform those services, who will serve our clients best interest. This eliminates the possibility of conflicts of interest and promotes the trust needed to maintain the long term relationships with our clients who we value so much.

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